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11th Annual Lloyd Sadd Construction Conference

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Topics & Speakers 

  • Attain and Retain the Best and Brightest | Jay Leopold, DPR Construction

Leaders across all industries know that creating and developing a top-tier talent pipeline is an investment of time and resources. With the talent revolution progression, knowing what works to have the best talent stay creates a long-withstanding advantage for construction companies. Jay Leopold is a senior leader at DPR Construction, a US commercial general contractor that ranked #10 on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list in 2014.  DPR has also won awards such as Best Place to Work in San Diego, Fastest Growing Private Company, and has ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the US since 1997.  Join us to hear Jay’s energetic and insightful presentation that will leave you with some strategies to help your business attain the best and brightest!

  • Emerging Risks in Construction| Allen Walter, Don Barr, Lane Gross, Patty Fischer, Lloyd Sadd Insurance 

Being aware of the risks contractors face every day is essential in this ever-changing market.  As construction risk management specialists, we see a different scenario every day. In this presentation, members of our team will provide insight into what risks are emerging in our industry, and what you should know to keep your employees safe and your business profitable.

  • Do You Know the Risks Associated with a Mis-hire? | Kyle Powell, SureHire

The true cost of workplace injuries can be overwhelming when you consider the following: medical, rehabilitation, accident investigation, replacement worker, training and scheduling delay costs.  SureHire's co-founder and president, Kyle Powell, will help uncover the true costs associated with workplace injuries and demonstrate how Fitness-to-Work programs assist in creating a safe, healthy and productive workforce.

  • Moments of Impact | Tom Wilson & Steve Quesnelle

Tom was the sole survivor of a work related plane crash that took the lives of 7 other men on November 16, 2008.  Tom has taken this experience and developed a world class presentation focusing on the behaviors and decisions of both pilot and passengers, ultimately highlighting the preventability of this tragic incident.   Tom explores the pressures we all face and how they affect our decisions, the difference between bravery and courage, and how the 10 factors of risk tolerance contribute to our willingness to accept risk, whether we are conscious of it or not. Tom and his co-presenter, Steve Quesnelle, a behaviourist who helps companies work both safer and smarter, have co-authored a book based on this presentation. We are very honored to announce they are launching their book at our event. 

  • Diversification – Alberta’s Opportunity or Achilles Heel? | Brad Ferguson, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation  

After 40 years of effort, Alberta’s economy continues to swing with the rise and fall of the price of oil.  But does Edmonton’s economy do the same? Brad Ferguson will provide entertaining insights into Edmonton’s counter-cyclical strategy that will allow it to outperform the rest of the province during downturns ... but is it enough?

  • Developers Panel | John Day (John Day Developments), Darren Durstling (Wam Development Group), Matthew Woolsey (York Realty), Bruce Bentley (Maclab Enterprises), Facilitator: Michael Mangum (FMI)

The symbiotic relationship between the development sectors and the construction industry is crucial. We are very pleased to host this diverse group of prestigious developers to share their experiences and perspectives regarding the ongoing projects in our region, how they make “go or no-go” decisions on projects, what they are looking for from contractors and how they’ve managed the risks and opportunities in our constantly changing construction cycle. 

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Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort

"Lloyd Sadd has consistently exceeded our expectations as our insurance and risk management provider. Over the years the service team have provided valuable advice and expertise. We consider Lloyd Sadd to be a trusted advisor to our organization and their contributions to our organization as invaluable."

- Mervin Grzybowski, Vice President, DynaVenture Corp.

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