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Assistant Broker

Title: Assistant Broker

Reporting To: Director, Broking

Summary: The Assistant Broker works to support all members of the Broking Department with all facets of the Broker’s responsibility to review risks, execute strategic market approaches and place accounts in the insurance marketplace on behalf of the commercial service teams.

The positional objective is to ensure that Brokers are supported optimally in their role, which is to deliver effective technical, risk, product, and market advice, and to negotiate optimized solutions backed by the most appropriate carriers at competitive premiums.

In supporting the Broking team, the Assistant broker helps satisfy our clients, having both indirect and direct impacts on the growth and success of our clients and Lloyd Sadd.

Functional Responsibilities:

In conjunction with other Broking Team and Client Team members, the Assistant Broker shall:

  • Assist Brokers with gathering information through teams and with preparation of documents necessary for preparation of marketing submissions and client presentations, including but not limited to the following tasks or documents:
    • the marketing submission itself, including schedules and applications to be attached thereto
    • underwriter responses, including quotes received
    • summary and comparison documents for the team or the client
  • Act as secondary functional contact for teams and markets on placements qualifying for broker support to help successfully negotiate preferred terms for our clients, including:
    • following up on submission responses
    • facilitating answers to underwriting questions
    • engaging in clarifying conversations where applicable
    • tracking insurer responses in an acceptable summary format
  • Provide input to help influence and improve corporate efficiencies around risk placement and negotiation, including timelines, coverage and submission standards
  • Participate in industry and association events
  • Assist teams with communication of regular reports on activities, wins and losses in the market, including posting of such information for staff in public forums (e.g. ELSIE).

Strategic Responsibilities:

Under the direction of the Director of Broking, the Assistant Broker shall:

  • Assist Brokers with retention of the assigned renewal book at a level in keeping with Lloyd Sadd’s business plans
  • Work with Brokers and Account Team to document and execute agreed renewal strategies and processes
  • Contribute to improving processes for the critical file pre-work with service teams and to the ongoing improvement of Lloyd Sadd’s “Go To Market” Strategy
  • Assist Brokers with documentation of, and follow up for, items agreed in Annual Market Business planning meetings

Other Functional Tasks:

Where required, the Assistant Broker shall undertake the following additional tasks:

  • Prepare, update and maintain Excel spreadsheets;
  • Manage various internal and external correspondence related to client file management in EPIC, as well as upkeep of the Insurer Contact List;
  • Assist with the renewal of annual service agreements;
  • Participate and contribute during Broking and Support team meetings;
  • Assist with other administrative support functions and special projects undertaken by the Broking team
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • General Insurance Knowledge considered an asset;
  • Level 1 Insurance License preferred;
  • 1-2 years prior Administration Experience;
  • Advanced skills in Excel and Microsoft Office;
  • Excellent organization, planning, and prioritizing skills;
  • Effective communication skills;
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities;
  • Strong problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and communicate on the status of assignments.


Apply online by emailing and updated Resume & Cover Letter to Courtney Bosch, Human Resources

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