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Michael Kroll

Business Development Specialist

For over 20 years, Michael has created, led and initiated highly effective and successful business development communication strategies. Above all, he makes sure these strategies are carefully architected, implementing proper communication fundamentals to ensure his messages are woven with authenticity, convey trust and above all else – deliver value to his intended audience. Michael is excited and proud to help grow the commercial and personal lines of the business, as well as the other value added services Lloyd Sadd can deliver to its clients as he knows their work and deliverables are second to none. Moreover, the caliber of skill, training and experience the staff possess within the company is truly best in class as compared to any professional firm in the world. Taking the role as a business leader allows Michael to create with those he works with a culture of cooperation, team work, and an environment where everyone feels valued – for him, this is what allows teams to produce exceptional results and is one of his most important capabilities. Apart from the day-to-day business development strategies of the firm, Michael has experience as an accomplished business advisor, having built and led businesses in the roles of CEO, President, Managing Director and Executive Vice President. As well, he has advised some of the most well known businesses and business leaders in North America.

As for his family, he prides himself most on his three beautiful children and his wonderful partner in life.

Phone: 587.442.2524
Email: mkroll@lloydsadd.com