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Patty Fischer

Director, Learning and Development

Patty was born and raised in Dawson Creek, B.C. and may have been on her way to being a teacher after receiving her Bachelor in Education from the University of Alberta; however, Patty decided to add CIP, CAIB, and CRM designations to her credentials and has mastered her skills as an insurance broker for construction risk services. After 15 years as a Marketing Broker, Patty has become the Director of Learning and Development where she develops training programs for new staff, continuing education for current employees, and is committed to ensuring our onboarding, training and development is par none in the industry.

Patty loves to travel and spend time in nature; she is always on the lookout for retreats and opportunities to meditate and explore her creative side through various art mediums preferably in the company of her daughter, Paige.   She also loves dogs and is devoted to her fur baby Jake.

Phone: 780.930.3833