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Value Added Services

While a customized insurance plan safeguards a company from financial hardships when things go wrong, it shouldn’t be the first line of defense. At Lloyd Sadd, we believe it’s even more important to avoid the worst-case scenarios in the first place.

Our in-house Value Added Services team works with clients to understand how the different facets of their operations — from equipment and facilities, workers and products, to transportation safety — might expose the company to liability. Armed with this information, we can help you mitigate these concerns in a number of different ways. Our team works alongside company staff to fill in the gaps in your safety and maintenance programs, emergency response planning, employee training, IT controls, and other systems.

We believe that most accidents and adverse events can be avoided — and our insurers agree. With a detailed report of our assessment of your company and any changes made to your operations, insurance companies have the information they need to offer you preferred rates. These costs savings can be significant, as can he reduced costs of deductibles or uninsurable damages. All of this makes loss control a value-added service for Lloyd Sadd’s clients.

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