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Lloyd Sadd works with clients to create long-term partnerships that foster success by providing sound, expert advice. Strong partnerships allow us to deliver services to reduce costs in areas beyond insurance rates and premiums. We take a broader view and manage an organization’s total cost of risk (TCOR), an approach that has a dramatic impact on results—again, extending well beyond incremental changes in a rate or premium. Assessing TCOR makes it possible to improve the financial position of an organization, improve loss performance, add to the stability of operations, and reduce costs.

Organizations can use our approach as a yardstick to assess how their risk-related costs are changing relative to key measures such as revenues, employee count, asset base, and growth. The TCOR approach identifies the imbalances in a risk management approach and strives for cost savings. Overall, it encourages organizations to look at risk management on an integrated and strategic basis.

We have found that our approach is well suited to organizations and insurance programs that have progressed or wish to progress from conventional insurance to various degrees of self-insurance. We help organizations move from traditional insurance buying to a comprehensive risk management program.

The Lloyd Sadd process has been carefully designed to give us a solid understanding of your operations in order to build you a comprehensive insurance and risk management program. We recognize that every organization is unique and leaders have different views on managing risk. We invest time and energy into understanding what you value, your risk appetite, and your expectations.

Our Process

To reach our goal of adding value and lowering your costs we complete the following process: 



First, we invest time to understand your operations, your risks, and your future plans to undercover hidden and potentially costly exposures to your operations. We work with your team to review contracts, claims, and coverage, in addition to interviewing key stakeholders. Overall, this articulates what you are hoping to achieve.  


We then analyze the findings to determine appropriate solutions to strengthen your insurance and risk management program. Lloyd Sadd has a team of dedicated professionals who work to provide relevant and material advice to your firm to improve your program structure, ability to manage operational risk, and reduce costs.


Finally, we create and deliver a presentation to explain the gaps and hidden costs in your current program. We provide your management team with options, demonstrate how Lloyd Sadd can apply our resources and expertise to assist your firm, and propose a service program to help you reduce your total cost of risk.

"Lloyd Sadd's value added services, including their in-house claims advocate and transportation risk manager, have played a vital role in ensuring our organization is operating at its best capacity. We at Thompson Bros consider LS trusted advisors and friends. I would highly recommend the services of Lloyd Sadd's construction team to any Alberta-based construction company."

- Paul Sturt, CFO, Thompson Bros. Group