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Public Entity Insurance

Public Entity Insurance

Public entities like school boards, municipalities, and non-profit organizations are under pressure to provide top-quality services with tax dollars. It’s a high bar in any economy, but especially during a downturn when budgets decrease and operational risks increase.

Lloyd Sadd provides comprehensive insurance programs for public entities of all kinds, with unparalleled expertise in educational risk management and insurance services. We understand the issues facing the public sector and work with our clients to identify and reduce risks in all aspects of their operations, including: safety, administration, financial management,transportation, employment practices, and more.

Because public entities have limited budgets and may be under intense public scrutiny, our team helps you make sound decisions about loss control and risk financing. We also leverage strong relationships with insurers to get preferred rates on insurance products like abuse liability, international travel, and educational errors and omissions.

With decades of sector experience, we rely on in-house expertise to serve our clients well. Our team is led by Janice Boiko, who brings to the table three decades of experience in insurance and risk management for school boards and municipalities. With the public interest on the line, your organization is under pressure to deliver on its promises. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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