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Claims Advocacy

We focus on delivering complete, full-service claims advocacy services, from the initial loss incident report through to the final resolution. At Lloyd Sadd, we believe claim advocacy enhances communication and helps our clients remain better informed on updates and issues as they develop during a claim.

Our claims team acts exclusively on your behalf, coordinating and selecting actions and disposition strategies that will shorten claim-handling timelines and influence the satisfactory resolution of claims. We stay actively involved throughout the claims process to help you reduce the additional financial and legal costs arising from your loss incident, save time, and minimize the interruptions—as well as the cost of risk—to your business.

Our claims advocacy team can:

  • Act as your consultant and claims advocate
  • Provide timely loss incident reporting
  • Monitor claim investigation and liability assessment
  • Conduct incident analysis (review of client coverage to ensure incident falls within parameters of client’s insurance program)
  • Establish claim reporting and update protocols (to better meet client expectations)
  • Notify the insurer to ensure compliance with the appropriate policy-claim reporting requirements
  • Monitor claim progress to reduce time and costs related directly to losses
  • Manage claims vendors, including their selection and service performance evaluation
  • Actively participate in settlement negotiations with insurers and adjusters as needed
  • Obtain agreement between all parties and disburse settlement funds as appropriate
  • Follow up on claim to ensure a prompt and equitable settlement

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