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Lloyd Sadd understands the issues that surround risk management in the public sector. Our team has unparalleled expertise in charter and private schools, as well as school boards.

We recognize that to make sound decisions about loss control and risk financing, an organization must balance the conflicting objectives of maintaining a desirable risk tolerance while meeting obligations to provide services. Often these organization must also work with limited budgets and under political scrutiny.

Effectively managing risk in the public sector can be accomplished with the assistance of a competent broker who listens, thinks, and delivers based on the distinct exposures faced by public entities.

As part of the risk management process, we assist with the following:

  • Identification of loss exposures
  • Analysis of identified exposures to loss
  • Examination of risk management alternatives
  • Selection of risk management alternatives
  • Implementation of chosen risk management techniques
  • Monitoring of the risk management program to ensure needs are met

Our public entity insurance services include the following:

  • Insurance program marketing and placement that ensure the most favourable terms, conditions, and pricing
  • Claims management that assists clients in loss-reduction efforts (either self-administered claims or claims administered by an insurer or third-party administrator)
  • Loss control (to help reduce the frequency of losses)

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“Lloyd Sadd not only eliminates the complexities behind insurance and bonding, but they find ways to help clients like Dawson Wallace reduce their insurance costs. In Dawson Wallace’s particular case, Lloyd Sadd has provided consulting services beyond expectation.”

- Wayne Wallace, President, Dawson Wallace

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