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Guiding leaders through complex times.

The Alberta business landscape has been hit hard by the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. In this new environment, the mountain may feel impossibly high and the path incredibly difficult. There remains a long road ahead and it is not one for the faint of heart. Despite the many challenges facing organizations across the province and beyond, there is positivity, learning, and inspiration to be gathered from the efforts of leaders in the community to innovate, to engage, to fall down, and to get back up.

As committed professional service providers, we have always endeavored to help organizations move toward opportunities or through challenges, and today is no different. We are, more than ever, determined to support leaders through these uncharted waters, and remain steadfast in our message of encouragement… just do your best.

So, we have brought together a collective of like-minded professional service providers – the Compass Collective – to offer complimentary advice, workshops, and other resources designed to support leaders as they move toward the new business landscape in Alberta. We are in this together.

We understand the value of accessing trusted professionals and expert advice, particularly during uncertain and challenging times. We believe our community needs professional advice and support now more than ever. We know that many organizations are struggling, unable to access such support due to financial constraints. We believe that the more organizations we can support through COVID-19, the faster our shared economic recovery will be. As community leaders, this is an opportunity for us to step up and to share our expertise with fellow business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs in need.

Our Offering


It is critical for organizations to quantify and understand the risks that may impact their business through these uncertain times. As a member of Compass Collective we are offering businesses a dedicated line of communication with our experienced insurance and risk experts who can offer advice to help you identify and mitigate potential risks to your business. Keeping control of your costs is now more important than ever, and we would be happy to provide a review to ensure that you have the proper risk management protocols and coverage in place, and that you are maximizing the opportunity for premium reductions during COVID-19. Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated Compass Collective Advisory Team who will be happy to assist you by emailing