Lloyd Sadd Dealership Conference 2020 | Lloyd Sadd
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Lloyd Sadd Dealership Conference 2020

Lloyd Sadd is proud to host this exclusive event open to forward-thinking dealership owners and executives doing business in Alberta. Seating is very limited, so register early!

In addition to networking opportunities we have a great list of professional speakers lined up:

Is Your GPS Working? Creating a Roadmap for Business Succession | Brad Arsenault

Research indicates that only 30% of second generation family businesses succeed; the research is even bleaker for third generation businesses. How can that be possible with the complex advice available today? Experience shows that the majority of businesses drive forward on the road to “business succession” without a clear roadmap for success, causing the family members to look at the future with apprehension rather than anticipation. We will analyze the three most common obstacles to achieving a predictable future and successful business succession.

Managing M&A Risk | Danielle Gorst

M&A deals can be exciting and beneficial for both parties; however, any transaction contains unforeseeable risk. Our discussion will touch upon the questions that should be asked and how dealerships can reduce and transfer the risk of personal and corporate liability.

Mental Health in the Workplace | Lana Leeb

Destigmatizing mental illness and cultivating a psychologically safe workplace isn’t just good business practice; it’s now the law. This presentation will unpack employer obligations to prevent psychological injuries, pioneer wellness programs, and promote mental health. Once we understand the 5 pillars of a mental health program, we will be able to walk away with tangible strategies that can be used within our organizations. This session will also identify mental health challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners, challenging the notion that we need to “go at it alone”.

Dealer to Dealer – Driving the Ship | Gary Fenelli

Gary is a hands-on owner and an outstanding mentor and motivator who, through his leadership, created a brand that is regionally in the top three for customer retention. With 40 years experience in the automotive industry, Gary will share valuable lessons on how strong leadership, following your core values, and creating your culture are all keys to building a successful business.

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