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Pallet Racking Safety Tips

Pallet racking systems facilitate the storage and handling of goods in busy warehouses, but these towering structures can present several hazards. Accidents can occur from poor installation, overloaded racks or forklift damage, to name a few factors. Unfortunately, warehouse accidents can be catastrophic in terms of product loss, time loss and employee injuries, making it vital for your organization to implement pallet racking safety measures.

Consider the following tips:

• Ensure correct installation. Engage with professionals when installing new pallet racking to ensure installations adhere to strict health and safety requirements, including any legally required safety reviews. Racking capacity must be confirmed by a licensed engineer. Once validated, communicate safe weight and loading limits to employees.
• Add protection. Once installed, consider pallet racking accessories to protect against falling storage or forklift damage that could compromise structures. Examples include pallet rack uprights, aisle end guards and pallet rack safety netting.
• Implement safe working regulations. Enforce strict safety rules, including machinery speed limits and maximum bay, beam and pallet loads. Additionally, introduce aisle markings for machinery traffic and pedestrian routes to allow ample aisle space for machinery to safely manoeuvre when delivering stock. Reinforce all safety procedures through employee training and clear signage.
• Perform regular inspections. Execute frequent inspections of racking and forklifts and other equipment to catch minor issues. Even small imperfections—such as missing safety pins, racking dents or beam deflection—could develop into larger issues. As such, encourage employees to report any defects identified in daily visual inspections. Furthermore, engage with licensed professionals to arrange complete and thorough inspections on a schedule in line with provincial safety regulations.

Finally, implement a warehouse safety policy that details the safety measures intended to keep both employees and visitors safe. Disseminate this policy company-wide.

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