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Advantages of Vertical Farming

Today’s climate crisis is causing unpredictable conditions, making it a challenge to continue with traditional agricultural practices. Yet, the agriculture industry is developing new and innovative ways to carry out food production, one of which is vertical farming. This indoor farming method produces food on vertically inclined surfaces, as opposed to traditional outdoor horizontal farming. Vertically stacked layers allow farmers to produce a much higher yield of food on the same amount of land.

The following are advantages of adopting vertical farming:

  • Year-round produce—Vertical farming is not weather-dependent, which means it can provide year-round crop production with a protected and monitored environment and yield repeatable and programmable output. Vertical farms also reduce harvest times and improve crop yields without compromising quality.
  • Reduced water consumption—Indoor farms use technology to control the growing environment, decreasing demand for resources such as water. Less water is lost through evaporation because crops are indoors, and the humidity is closely monitored. Vertical farms also recycle water that crops don’t use by putting it back into the production cycle and using it for other crops.
  • Reduced land and transportation requirements—Vertical farms require less land to produce the same crop yields as traditional farms. Vertical farms are also typically located near urban areas, so there are often shorter distances between the farm and the grocery store.
  • Higher crop yields—By stacking crops vertically, dozens of plants can be grown in the same amount of space as one plant on a traditional farm. Also, fewer crops are lost due to unfavorable weather conditions, pollution and pests, all of which are largely avoidable indoors.

Different challenges affect the agriculture industry each year, but adopting innovative techniques can help. Contact us today to learn more about navigating potential risks in the agricultural sector.

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