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Benefits of Good Housekeeping Practices

Working in the manufacturing sector comes with certain risks, so it’s important to control or even eliminate potential hazards whenever possible. One contributor to workplace accidents is poor housekeeping practices. Proper housekeeping isn’t just about the cleanliness of a facility; it also means making sure the workplace is clear of clutter, spills and other debris that could cause trips, slips, falls and other potentially dangerous incidents.

The following are some benefits of implementing good housekeeping practices in the workplace:

  • Prevents trip, slips and fall incidents—According to OHS Canada, 40,000 workers are injured annually due to fall accidents. While these may not all be related to poor housekeeping practices, many of them could be avoided by keeping pathways clear of objects, keeping floors dry and free of debris, and properly labelling changes in elevation or other risks.
  • Reduces fire safety risks—Objects taking up floor space can also create risks to fire safety because they block exit paths.
  • Cuts down on clutter—Part of good housekeeping includes making sure every piece of equipment or tool is properly stored. Putting things away in the right places, instead of letting them lay around, reduces potential hazards and creates a more efficient workspace.
  • Makes equipment last longer—When equipment is properly stored and maintained, its lifespan will be extended, which means lower costs for repairs and replacements. In addition, these steps may reduce the risk of injuries caused by equipment malfunctioning due to broken parts or trapped debris.
  • Improves productivity—Always putting objects back in their designated spaces will make it easier for workers to find equipment promptly. This will cut down on time spent searching for what they need and improve workplace efficiency. Additionally, when equipment is properly stored, the risk of falling objects and other hazards decreases.

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