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OHS Prosecution Case Study: $126,000 Forklift Violation

Construction Company Fined $126,000 After Employee Fall

King Stud Contracting Ltd. was fined $126,000 after pleading guilty to a violation that resulted in a severe employee injury. The incident took place on Feb. 19, 2021, when an apprentice was improperly using a forklift as a working platform. The employee fell from the platform, fracturing his spine in the process. Sadly, the injuries sus- tained left the worker with lifelong quadriplegia.

It was determined that the company failed to comply with OHS regulations and demonstrated a “general lack of interest in worker safety,” stated the judge involved in the case. Specifically, the company had not built a safe working platform and was not providing employees with the necessary safety equipment.

On Dec. 8, 2022, King Stud Contracting Ltd. pleaded guilty to violating subsection 194(3) of the OHS regulations, according to a government press release. Consequently, the Saskatoon Provincial Court imposed a fine of $90,000 and a $36,000 surcharge, totalling $126,000.

What Could Have Been Done?

Such a tragic accident serves as a cautionary case about the impor- tance of following all provincial and OHS regulations. Specifically, it’s essential to install safe working platforms, provide employees with proper safety equipment and assess all work tasks for risks. Furthermore, employers should ensure that comprehensive training is provided to all staff, especially those working at heights.

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