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Tips for Managing a Hybrid Team

‘Hybrid work teams have become more common in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 43 per cent of Canadian workers say they would look for a new job if they had to work in an office full-time, according to a survey by Amazon Business. The functionality of a hybrid workplace can vary, but the main idea is that employees balance their time between working remotely and in an office. While this flexibility is beneficial, it can also present some challenges when a team isn’t in one singular location.

To help with these obstacles, here are some suggestions for how to effectively manage a hybrid team:

  • Establish expectations. Employees should know exactly what is expected of them on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Such expectations could include a definition of role responsibilities, work goals and task deadlines.
  • Provide a policy. Develop and provide a policy that includes rules for breaks and outlines when it’s acceptable to work from home versus the office. This policy should be given to all employees and be easily accessible for reference.
  • Appropriately assess performance. If current performance assessments include time spent at work or on specific tasks, adapt them to analyze and monitor goals or objectives instead.
  • Organize different ways to be social. Hybrid work environments can make it difficult for co-workers to engage with each other on a personal level. Help employees get to know one another by hosting a mix of virtual and in-person team bonding opportunities.
  • Make sure everyone is included. Take all members of the team into consideration when scheduling meetings or other important events. Whenever a team member is working remotely, they should have the option to join these discussions virtually.

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