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Trends to Continue Post-coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many changes as organizations worked to adapt to the altered landscape. As reopenings continue, organizations should consider continuing several of these changes into the “new normal,” such as the following:

1. Increased Focus on Wellness

Organizations should continue to focus on wellness to ensure a healthy and satisfied workforce. Continuing the focus on wellness may include:

  • Offering mental health services
  • Offering financial advisors
  • Having regular check-ins with employees
  • Educating staff on warning signs of poor mental health

2. A Shift in Access to Health Care

Adaptations in how individuals receive care, such as having an appointment with a physician over the phone or internet and receiving test results digitally, can be much more convenient and safer for employees. Consider shifting health care access from the care facility to the patients by allowing options for utilizing telemedicine and health care management apps.

3. Enhanced Communications

The plethora of remote workers and how they communicate has made it apparent that not everything needs to be face-to-face anymore. Consider utilizing video technology for recruiting, meetings and team bonding events. Additionally, continue to be transparent and empathetic in conveying information about challenges the organization faces with employees.

4. Agile Work Environments

Perhaps one of the most popular changes to carry forth into the “new normal” is the widespread emphasis on flexibility. Offering flexibility is not only beneficial for employees, but it makes an organization more appealing when prospecting candidates, attracting talent and improving productivity. To make your work environment more agile:

  • Consider a staggered shift schedule.
  • Provide robust remote work options.
  • Utilize video technology rather than sending employees on the road.
  • Offer and promote the use of more vacation time.
  • Consider an alternative workweek such as four shifts of 10 hours rather than five shifts of eight hours.
  • Allow employees to choose their work hours.

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