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Get the Right Home Insurance

One of the most important aspects of owning a home is obtaining adequate homeowners insurance. A standard home insurance policy will protect you against the financial perils caused by damage to your home and personal possessions within up to a specified limit. Such damage may be caused by fire, storms and other covered disasters.


Why you need home insurance

Among the reasons that you may need to purchase homeowners insurance is to satisfy lender requirements. Some mortgage lenders and banks require anyone applying for a home loan to have proper home insurance to safeguard their investment.

Homeowners insurance can also protect you from lawsuits. If someone is injured in or around your home, your insurance policy will cover your financial responsibilities, including medical bills and legal fees. In the event of a natural disaster, accident or theft, your insurance policy will help with the expense of replacing or repairing structures and contents that are lost or damaged. In today’s changing climate, it is impossible to build your home in a natural disaster free zone, so it is wise to obtain adequate coverage.


An explanation of home insurance coverage

Protection for your home and possessions is an important part of owning a home. With the right home insurance policy from Lloyd Sadd Insurance, you can rest assured that you home is safe, both inside and out.

When you have a good policy in place, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated for the loss of your home or its contents, providing you with additional security for such a major investment. In addition, you will also be protected if you are ever found to be liable for injuries that another party sustains while on your property. Your financial standing will also remain secure if you encounter any loss caused by fire, severe weather, theft or any other event that is outlined in your homeowners insurance policy.


Getting the coverage you need

No two homes are exactly alike, but the experienced brokers at Lloyd Sadd Insurance will work with you to choose the ideal policy with the coverage mix that will best suit your specific needs.

In general, you can expect a few certain features that are included in most standard policies, such as:

  • Protection for your home’s structure
  • Coverage for additional structures on your property, such as boathouses, polls and storage sheds
  • Your personal belongings within your home will be covered up to a specified limit
  • Payment for property damage caused by you or other members of your household as well as legal responsibility or liability for injuries that occur on your property will be included in your policy
  • Some policies may cover injuries sustained by pets while they are inside your home
  • If a major disaster, such as fire, leaves your home temporarily unlivable, additional expenses may be included in your property insurance policy.

In some cases, you may be able to choose optional coverage to better suit your personal needs, including:

  • Increased liability limits for bodily injury or damaged property
  • Personal property replacement expenses
  • Valuable protection for furs, firearms, jewelry, etc.
  • Coverage for computer equipment or other electronics
  • It is often best to take an inventory of everything that is inside your home and have it with you when you talk to your Lloyd Sadd Insurance broker. He or she will be able to help you choose the best level of coverage so you get the policy that is right for you.

Generally, you can choose for three different coverage options when purchasing your property insurance policy. Each of these options feature a various level of coverage, so you should talk to a trusted Lloyd Sadd Insurance broker that can help you determine which best fits your situation.

Actual cash value will cover the replacement cost for damaged property with a consideration for depreciation. This type of coverage applies unless you choose guaranteed replacement cost or replacement cost on your particular policy.

A replacement cost payment has a maximum dollar amount. This is the estimated amount to replace the damaged property without including any deductions for depreciation.

If you choose guaranteed replacement cost on your policy, you will receive payment to cover the cost to replace your damaged property without any deductions for depreciation. In addition, there is no limit on the maximum dollar amount that you can be paid. Be sure to ask your Lloyd Sadd Insurance broker if this option is available to you.

Purchasing and managing a home insurance policy can at times seem a bit overwhelming. If you have questions about your policy or any other insurance issues, the friendly representatives at Lloyd Sadd Insurance are there for you. Do not waste another moment without making certain that you home is fully protected from the unexpected perils that can cause financial devastation in an instant. Simply take just a minute to complete the quick and easy quote form to get the peace of mind that you deserve today.


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