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Boat Insurance

Riding the waves in your very own boat is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, buying your own boat means making a significant investment which you must take proper measures to protect. Regardless of how you spend your time on the water, whether it is cruising around the open sea or relaxing in your favorite fishing spot, Lloyd Sadd Insurance has a boat insurance policy to suit your particular needs.


Proper Insurance Equals Hazard Protection

Many hazards are associated with owning a boat, both on the water and on dry land. About half of the accidents that occur while boating result in injury. Even those with decades of boating experience can be involved in an accident, especially when encountering a less experienced boater on the water.

Proper boating insurance will protect you from the unexpected as well as the uninsured. The policies available through Lloyd Sadd Insurance include options and features that will cover you, your boat, your gear and your family. From your anchors and fishing equipment to skis and more, your watercraft is covered from the bow to the stern.

Boat insurance will give you peace of mind to enjoy your time out on the water. You can rest assured that you are covered against accidents, severe weather and other vulnerabilities that can cause financial turmoil and major loss. Lloyd Sadd Insurance is a brokerage that is dedicated to providing you with inventive boating insurance solutions to keep up with your constantly changing life. When you hit the water, the worry and risk is alleviated by the comfort of having a great policy that protects your family and friends as well as your investment.


Understanding the different Coverage

Just like with any other type of insurance that you purchase, you need to have a firm understanding of all of the various coverage elements, which will allow you to make an informed decision to choose the coverage that is right for you.

Collision – This type of coverage will protect you if your boat collides with another vessel, submerged object or anything else while you are out on the water. Your Lloyd Sadd Insurance Broker will be able to tell you how you can be protected from uninsured boaters at fault in a collision.

Comprehensive – This coverage protects you against damage caused to your vessel by anything other than collision, such as flooding, fire and vandalism.

Liability – If an accident or collision results in bodily injury of another party or damage to their property, this coverage will ensure your financial stability. You will also be protected in the event of legal action taken against you due to damage or injury.

Personal property – Very seldom will you be out on the water with just you and your boat. More often than not, you will have various personal items with you, such as clothing, cameras, fishing gear, etc. This type of coverage will ensure all of these items are protected against damage or loss. Ask your Lloyd Sadd Insurance broker about personal items that may be covered during transport to and from as well as while on board your boat.

Assistance and towing – If your boat becomes inoperable and you find yourself stranded out on the water, then you will need it to be towed to a repair facility. You may simply run out of fuel and need to have some delivered to make it back to shore. Roadside assistance may also be available.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing your boat insurance policy from Lloyd Sadd Insurance is the knowledgeable brokers. You will be comfortable with the coverage that you choose because your broker will ensure you understand all of the elements of your policy. He or she will walk you through all the steps and help you choose the ideal options and features to include in the boating insurance policy that perfectly suits your specific needs.


Protection even off the water

Of course you need protection for your boat while it is in the water, but many do not realize the importance of boat insurance that also protects your investment on dry land. Your watercraft is vulnerable to damage when it is sitting in a slip or even in your own yard. A lot of things can happen during the off season when you boat is not in use. In fact, theft, vandalism, flooding and fire can happen anywhere at any time.

Not only are you responsible for someone being injured on your boat, but you may also be responsible for injuries that occur in the vicinity of your vessel. Your Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers representative can tell you about liability coverage to protect you in case of injuries that happen when you are not using your boat or it is left unattended. Whether you keep your boat in your backyard or store it in a marina, you need to make sure you have the right boating insurance to keep you covered at all times.

Do not waste another minute worrying whether or not you and your boat are properly protected. It only takes a moment to submit the quote form. A friendly representative from Lloyd Sadd Insurance is waiting to talk to you today and grant you the peace of mind you deserve.