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CDQ Program Details

For more than 70 years, we have been building our reputation as one of the leading brokerage firms in Canada and today we are the fifth largest as a part of Navacord. We strive to be expert advisers partnering with our clients to help them succeed. We are the exclusively endorsed brokerage for the CDQ CO-OP Ltd. and we launched the new Lloyd Sadd CDQ Insurance Program in 2015.

CDQ Program Highlights

  • Property Catch-All Extension with $1,000,000 Limit
  • 10% Claims-Free discount on annual premium/rates (No claims in past 3 years)
  • Selling Value on Stock / Inventory Extension – $10,000 Limit
  • Business Interruption— Actual Loss Sustained 18 months (No Co-Insurance)
  • Business Interruption — No Distance Limitation and removal of Transmission Line exclusion on the off-site Utility extension.
  • Business Interruption— Includes Neighbouring premises and Civil Authority
  • Reduced program rates for Orange Julius /Cool Treat Stores
  • Contamination and Infestation $150,000 Limit Extension
  • Stated Amount Co-Insurance (waiver of the Co-Insurance clause)
  • Crime Coverage with $50,000 Limit including Employee Dishonesty
  • Third Party Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud – $10,000 Limit
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage including Computers
  • Home Office Extension
  • Peak Season Protection
  • Stock Spoilage
  • DQ Functional Replacement Cost Upgrade Extension
  • On-Premises Pollution Clean Up Extension
  • Replacement Clause Same –Site requirement removed
  • Product Recall Coverage – $100,000 Limit
  • Negative Publicity Coverage – $25,000 Limit
  • Mortgage Rate Guarantee
  • National independent Claims Adjusting firm—24/7 Claims Hotline
  • National Loss Control / Risk Management services included
  • Monthly Premium Payments and Credit Card Premium Payment Options
  • Legal Defense Cost Option – $1m Limit & Telephone hotline legal assistance
  • Included in CDQ CO-OP Dividend Program