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Electricians Insurance

Insurance for Electricians Insurance

As an electrician, you know how important it is to avoid taking any unnecessary risks, including not having proper electricians insurance. With electrician insurance, you are effectively protected against liabilities that could lead to financial devastation due to property damage, injuries and various other situations.

Fortunately, quality electrician insurance is available through Lloyd Sadd Insurance. The protection available includes customized coverage against building damage, legal action, loss of use and more.

Do You Need This Type of Coverage?

Most businesses in the electrical industry have a need for electricians insurance. Such businesses may include:

  • Air conditioning contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Electrical contractors
  • Electrical repairpersons
  • Heating contractors
  • HVAC technicians
  • Lighting consultants
  • Lighting technicians

Your Lloyd Sadd insurance broker should be able to help you determine the rules and regulations associated with your particular line of work. Our experts are committed to making sure you get the exact electricians insurance policy to fit your specific needs.


What Coverage Do You Need?

The specialized services that professional electricians provide for their customers are critical. One day you may be installing new equipment for a customer and the next making repairs across town. You must stay on top of your schedule and the current status of your industry all the while maintaining the administrative aspects of running a successful business.

The last thing on your mind is an unexpected accident that could lead to an enormous financial loss. However, accidents do happen and you need to make sure that you have the right electrician insurance policy in place when they do.



The most important type of insurance that you need as an electrician is general liability. This coverage will protect you against the most common claims that electricians face. When someone other than an employee takes legal action against you for bodily injury or property damage, any compensation ordered by the court and the associated legal fees are covered by your general liability electrician insurance.

In addition to general liability, you also need to consider professional liability. With this type of coverage, your business will be protected against a number of client claims, such as professional negligence, service errors as well as incomplete or unsatisfactory work. For instance, if an individual that you employ wires someone’s house inadequately, it could overheat the outlets in the home and become a fire hazard. In this case, the homeowner is likely to sue your company for compensation. With professional liability included in your electricians insurance policy, settlement expenses, court costs and medical fees will be covered up to the limits set in your policy.



In order to get the job done safely and properly install the electrical infrastructure, an electrician is reliant on insulated tools. From ground fault indicators to pliers, your job requires a large number of specialized tools. Replacing such tools if they are damaged, lost or stolen can be quite costly. In order to protect your valuable gear, you need to include property insurance in your policy.

Property insurance will compensate you for the value of the equipment that is lost or damaged. This type of insurance will also cover the physical premises of your company. Damage caused by fires, vandalism or severe weather and losses resulting from burglaries are common claims that are covered by property insurance.

Inland marine insurance is another type of coverage that many electricians choose to protect their property when they are on the jobsite or on the road. With this coverage type, your property will be safeguarded against loss or damage when you travel away from your main business location.

At Lloyd Sadd Insurance, we understand the hard work that has gone into building and growing your business. We are here to make sure that the company that you have created is adequately protected through the best possible electrician insurance policy available. Do not wait until it is too late, contact us today and an experienced broker will help get you the right insurance at a competitive rate.