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Plumbing Contractors

Insurance for Plumbling Contractors

Regardless if your plumbing business is a one-man shop or you have a full team of employees or subcontractors working for you, you need to have adequate insurance coverage in order to protect your assets. Working in the plumbing sector, you are required to enter homes and businesses to perform the necessary jobs. This leaves you vulnerable to a wide variety of job related risks.


Protecting Your Business

Should the work you do ever cause something to go wrong, especially if someone is injured, you will be responsible for paying the associated costs or face legal persecution. Without Alberta plumbers insurance, you could stand to lose thousands of dollars and possibly your entire business.

A proper plumbing insurance policy will include plumbers liability insurance. This type of coverage protects you and all those with whom you do business. At Lloyd Sadd Insurance, we understand that even the smallest mistake or accident could lead to financial drain for a plumbing contractor. Fortunately, we are able to fill all your plumbers insurance needs with coverage that is designed specifically for your type of business.

Your plumbers liability insurance policy will protect you against the financial responsibility of property damage or bodily injury resulting from your business operations. You may be able to bundle your plumbers liability insurance in a business owners policy. Talk to a trusted Lloyd Sadd Insurance representative to find out which coverage options for which you are eligible.


Understanding Your Needs

The professional team at Lloyd Sadd Insurance is familiar with the unique needs of plumbing contractors like you as well as the multifaceted contractual dealings that are integral to your business. Throughout our years of providing top quality service to a wide range of companies, including plumbing contractors, we have compiled the necessary resources to offer you an insurance program that will address your needs perfectly.

We understand that no two plumbing contractors are the same. Each one has his or her own plumbers insurance needs based on risk level, business type and any special coverage requirements. We are able to provide you with a plumbing insurance policy that will fit your business whether it is large or small. Even if you are a self-employed plumbing contractor, we have exactly what you need.

The coverage options that we offer will protect you against the typical risks that plumbing contractors face through an affordable and comprehensive plumbers insurance policy. From property coverage that ranges far and wide to extensive plumbers liability insurance, a Lloyd Sadd Insurance Broker will match you to the policy that best meets the unique needs of your company.

The experts at Lloyd Sadd Insurance will aid you in navigating through the intricate maze that some see insurance coverage to be. We understand that choosing the right coverage can seem complex, but an experienced member of our team will be there with you through every step. Your broker will help you in identifying your specific exposures and the best way to address those risks to that your business keeps on flowing.

The professional and knowledgeable Lloyd Sadd Insurance team pays close attention to detail and provides every client with exceptional customer service. With the ability to negotiate with a number of quality carriers to achieve the most effective plumbing insurance solutions for you, you can rest assured that you will get an insurance policy that is crafted uniquely to meet your specific needs.

By choosing the best plumbers insurance from top carriers, Lloyd Sadd Insurance has the ability to provide you with the coverage that is of the greatest value for your plumbing business. Obtaining a quote is quick and easy, which means you can find out more about the extensive plumbing insurance programs that are available for you today. The Lloyd Sadd Insurance team makes obtaining the coverage you need simple and free of hassle.

In the plumbing industry there are hazards all around you. Do not wait until a client’s basement is flooded because one of your employees failed to complete a proper installation and you are faced with mounting legal fees.