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Flood Insurance

Flood Coverage is now available in Alberta

In 2013 the provincial government in Alberta described the catastrophic flooding as the worst in Alberta’s history. In 2013 many Albertan’s were left without coverage for the damage caused by the floods. While some insurers agreed to pay out under the sewer backup coverage many Albertan’s were left in the hands of government programs. As a result of this insurance companies have reviewed their wording and position on coverage offerings for Flood and other types of water damage. Lloyd Sadd stays on top of new coverage offerings such as flood and communicates these to our clients as they become available.

Flooding can occur with very little warning at any time. In Alberta May 15 to July 15 are times with the heaviest rainfalls and you could experience potential flooding. Lloyd Sadd Insurance is here to help you understand and stay informed on your flood risk and coverage available to you. If you are interested in adding flood coverage to your current policy or have questions for your broker, please call us or complete the contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Insurance Companies offering Flood Coverage

Lloyd Sadd represents some of the top Insurers in Alberta and has stayed on top of the new coverage that has become available for flood also known as overland water protection. The coverage for flood can vary from insurer to insurer so let us help you understand if you can get flood coverage and how it can protect you and your family. Policy holders must also be aware that many insurers have changed their policies to better distinguish the difference between flood and sewer back up and it is important to know how your coverage works. The definition of flood can also be different across insurance companies and your Lloyd Sadd Insurance broker can help you understand all of the ins and outs of flood coverage.

Below is a summary of some of the Insurance companies that offer flood coverage and a brief summary of their offerings. For full details about the coverage you currently have please contact your Broker using the contact form or call us today. We will help you understand your flood coverage or get flood coverage added today! Click on the company name to visit the website for the insurer.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Water protection is available if your property qualifies. You may add this endorsement to existing Aviva policies where ground water and sewers protection is in place, or to owners or tenants of houses, condos, rental properties or secondary properties. Visit Aviva’s water protection site for some Frequently asked questions about the Aviva Water Protection coverage or contact Lloyd Sadd for more information.

Economical Insurance and Economical Select

Waterwise is Economical’s new Water Damage Extension endorsement. Qualified customers must already have sewer back up coverage and be located within an eligible overland water zone. Waterwise enhances the sewer back up coverage by adding coverage for water service line losses and also provides coverage for overland water. Contact Lloyd Sadd for more information on the coverage available from Economical.

Travelers Canada

Travelers Canada offers a sewer back up and surface water rider. These must be purchased together as they are not offered separately. This rider has expanded the sewer back up coverage to now include surface water. Note that while this coverage is enhanced Flood and sewer lines continue to be excluded coverage. For help understanding the definition of surface water and how this coverage enhances your protection contact us.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is offering the enhanced water damage package. This package is made up of a number of components and is available based on eligibility. The coverage can be a combination of Sewer Back up, Water and sewer line, overland water and ground water. Contact your broker to determine eligibility and also to help understand the difference between each of the components of the enhanced water damage package

RSA Insurance

RSA Waterproof coverage provides a combined coverage option for sewer back up and flood. RSA also has an optional water sewer line endorsement. Coverage is based on eligibility and there are three different coverage to understand; Water proof coverage, limited sewer back up and water service line. Ask us today to help determine eligibility and coverage details.

SGI Canada

SGI Canada offers two optional coverages; Water protection coverage and Sewer back up coverage. Coverage can be added to any home or agro pak based on eligibility. These coverages offer Flood, surface water, ground water and sewer back up. SGI has also added another separate optional coverage for sewer line that can be purchased as well. For more information on eligibility and which coverage works best for you, contact Lloyd Sadd Today.

Lloyd Sadd is dedicated to finding the right coverage for water damage for the best price, so contact your broker today to talk about how you are covered for flood and other water related events today.


Water Damage Risk Management

Once you become covered for flood or at least understand what your coverage is, you will need to know what to do in the event of a flood. Often, when an emergency arises it can become overwhelming to know what to do to protect yourself, your family and your property. If you have experienced a loss due to flood please contact us right away to report your claim and we can help navigate you through the process.

Prevention of water damage can be your best protection to avoid a claim as well as the headache from the clean up and repairs. Here are some helpful tips to help prevent loss from water damage.

Know what to do if damage occurs

Acting fast can help reduce the total cost of the damage and further damage to your home and property. Remove items from the area to a clean dry place. Do not turn on fixtures if the ceiling is wet and stay out of rooms where the ceiling is sagging. Call a professional to help, Lloyd Sadd can recommend approved vendors for this so that you can get help right away and prevent further damage. Visit our claims page for this information.

Have mitigation devices installed

Have a professional install a back flow valve or sump pump and have them inspect and ensure these are working. These can prevent water damage from happening in the first place.


Ensure gutters and drains are cleared routinely as well as point water drainage spouts away from your property so water drains away from the foundation of your home. Make sure your lawn is sloped at least 6 inches within a 10 foot span around your home to ensure proper drainage.

Check for leaks

Check for dark spots, staining and drips often. Inspect your roof annually and repair and caulking and flashing required each year.