8 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill | Lloyd Sadd
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8 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Reducing your Electricity Bill

We all know to turn lights off in a room we are leaving and to turn off things when not in use. Here are some things that you might  not have considered that can help you reduce your electricity bill.

1. Keep your Fridge stocked

A full fridge requires less energy to stay cool than an empty one.


2. Keep your water heated to 120 degrees

Save energy by keeping your water at this temperature.


3. Monitor your energy usage

Most energy companies will have access to energy reports so you can review and adjust where you are using too much energy.


4. Use Smart technology and motion sensors

This will help you use energy when you need it and automatically turn it off when you don’t.


5. Choose LED Lights

Switching to LED can cause a little bit of a cost upfront, but they last for a very long time and will result in energy savings. Contact energy efficiency Alberta to see if you can get rebates for these as well.


6. Close Vents

If you are not in a room, or do not need to keep it warm you can close the vents to help save.


7. Use Light Dimmers

Install light dimmers to use less electricity when you do not need so much light.


8. Make use of smaller appliances

Use smaller appliances versus turning on the stove if possible.