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Property Inventory

How important a Property Inventory can be…

The season of giving is all about sharing with family and friends, the excitement of children (big and small) and the memories we create. With all of the gift giving over the holiday season, Lloyd Sadd employees are reminding you of the importance of a home inventory.

Trying to recall items in your home can add to an already stressful event. Having an inventory of items is one of the best ways to ensure you have the right amount of insurance and an inventory will help settle your insurance claim faster. The task need not be onerous and can be as easy as taking a video account of each room in your home.

We offer an electronic inventory booklet, ask for one to be sent to you today. Whether you conduct a video or written inventory of your home, don’t forget to keep your inventory in a safety deposit box or other safe place away from home. That way you’ll be sure to have something to give your insurance representative if your home is damaged.