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Barb Dunsmore

Senior Placement Lead

Barb Dunsmore has over 40 years of commercial trading experience in all lines and sectors of business, throughout Canada.

Work/Life took her to various locations in Western Canada, including Northwestern Ontario for 4 years, where she was the Marketing Manager, overseeing Brokers, and Account Managers for an international firm.

Barb has worked with Independent and Multi-National Brokers, which has brought a wide array of knowledge to sourcing the right product for our clients.  Tough placements or difficult insurance exposures are a challenge she accepts with a passion.

Holding various senior broking and leadership positions over the years, which included travel across Canada, including to the North (NWT/Yukon).   Geographical knowledge of our clients, and how they do business in various parts of the country has been invaluable.

Relationships are a priority for Barb, building trust and respect, doing business with a vast array of people from all corners of the earth.

Barb’s strength has been approaching situations upfront and with open communication, not shying away from having tough discussions.   Maintaining relationships with insurer partners to find solutions to meet our clients needs.

What is most rewarding for Barb is sharing experiences and mentoring new people entering the industry.

In her downtime, she loves to spend time with family and friends, golf, pickleball, and travel to new places – whether it be far or near.

Phone: 587.442.2543