Kim Hrushenski | Lloyd Sadd
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Kim Hrushenski

Fleet Risk Specialist

With more than 40 years experience in the transportation industry and over 20 of those years in Safety, Risk Management and Loss Control, Kim is well positioned to offer support and resource to clients with any type of commercial auto exposure. Kim’s principal responsibility is to help fleets understand and control the risks they face in a diverse and dynamic market.


Asking an employee to drive a vehicle registered to your organization brings an obligation to ensure that the driver is capable, competent and qualified to do so. Kim’s focus is to ensure that as an organization, you are able to meet that obligation head on.


Kim’s experience in transportation is broad. Starting his career at a truck depot at 14, he worked his way up through most aspects of the industry, including directing Partners In Compliance, and ultimately moving to Fleet Risk Specialist with an insurer and a now a member of the Lloyd Sadd team.

Phone: 780.233.3268