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Peter Blaskovits

Senior Advisor, Bonding

Peter is a driven and passionate surety professional who believes in the exceptional value that Lloyd Sadd Navacord brings to the table. He sees Lloyd Sadd Navacord as a unique partner that not only provides the necessary culture and resources but also offers trusted leadership. This unique combination enables the achievement of truly strategic results, with a special focus on meeting the specific needs of construction clients.

Peter’s dedication to delivering top-notch service and support is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in the construction industry. He learned about the surety business through 20+ years building his career first with the largest surety company in North American followed by tenure at a National insurance brokerage. Peter is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to his clients by specializing in the optimization of their surety credit. This expertise allows clients to maximize their access to financial resources and ensure they have the necessary support for their projects and operations. Additionally, Peter stays at the forefront of the surety industry, offering cutting-edge bonding solutions that empower his clients to minimize their cost of capital, ultimately enhancing their financial performance and competitive edge.

Peter actively involved in the Calgary Construction Association, Infrastructure Professionals Association, Alberta Mechanical Contractors Association, Alberta Roadbuilders, Surety Association of Canad, and the Heavy Construction Association. During his leisure time, Peter enjoys indulging his passion for snowboarding/skiing. As a former snowboarding instructor, he can often be found carving down the slopes at Sunshine Village, ignoring conventional risk management practices.