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Roger Murray

Senior Advisor

Roger is a Senior Advisor with over 30 years in the Insurance Industry in various leadership and account roles.  A loyalist, he spent 18 years with his first firm, 13 years with a Global Brokerage, and most recently joined Lloyd Sadd Navacord in 2023 where he plans to finish his career.  The most appealing aspect that drew Roger to Lloyd Sadd was its separation of Client Service functions from Management.  This allows for 100% focus on Clients without distraction.

With a dark sense of humor, Roger typically searches for something to laugh about every day, and strives to provide a pleasurable working relationship for his clients.  While it helps, there is no requirement that his clients be as passionate about Risk Management or Insurance as he is.  His philosophy is, while complex Insurance does not have to be complicated: practical solutions are often the best approach.  There is no need for ten-dollar words when toonie sized words will achieve the same result.  ‘My job is to help make Insurance Programs understandable, not to make myself indispensable by hiding behind jargon.’

His experience includes working with clients that have Global and National operations, or large Local Operations that required more bespoke solutions.  In addition to traditional insurance placement, his work includes working with Private Equity, M&A due diligence, Captive solutions, Unlicenced insurance placements, and Trade Credit Insurance.

In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Roger has a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation (CAIB).

3 Ways Roger can Help:

  • Help you evaluate your Current Insurance Program or Advisor
  • Discuss Risk and Solutions outside the Traditional Insurance Program
  • Demonstrate how a strong National Broker can provide a more nimble and creative solution on Global and US placements than the Global Partner you may be using today.