Ryan Miller | Lloyd Sadd
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Ryan Miller

Director, Marketing & Communications

Ryan Miller helps businesses connect with their clients to develop long lasting partnerships.

As the Director, Marketing & Communications at Lloyd Sadd, he oversees the brand strategy, client experience and marketing plan for Lloyd Sadd as well as making sure no one is using stretched out logos in presentations.

Ryan’s primary focus is to ensure Lloyd Sadd delivers on their brand promise to build partnerships with their staff, clients and the community. With more than 10 years of Marketing and Sales experience, Ryan has worked on several valuable projects, including Navacord and Lloyd Sadd’s new brand launch, online client self-serve portal and Navacord partner onboarding strategy. For Ryan, helping others succeed and driving a top-notch client experience is the most rewarding part of his role. 

Feel free to connect with Ryan to chat about sports, ice fishing or the hottest marketing trends. 

Phone: 587.701.3358
Email: ryanm@lloydsadd.com