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Policy Review

Have a licensed Broker Review your current coverage and premium

We Shop Around For You

Lloyd Sadd Insurance is a Broker. What that means is that we have professional long term relationships with many different insurers and can place your policy with the insurance company that has the best coverage to protect what is important to your family or business. Having access to many insurers also gives us access to different rates so we can obtain a competitive price for your personal or business insurance. Often times when we review your insurance we can find discounts that you can take advantage of or suggest ways that you can keep your current carrier but save some money on your insurance. We will also tell you if your coverage looks great.


Independent Review of Your Coverage

Have you had the same insurance broker or provider for years, yet you have never heard from them? There is a good chance it is time to review your coverage and limits. Lloyd Sadd will review your current coverage, limits and premiums to ensure you have the right insurance at the best price. Call us today or snap a photo of your current coverage and we will have a licensed Insurance broker review your coverage and contact you with your best options to get the right insurance at the best price.


Request a Review of your Current Insurance Coverage

The fastest way for us to determine if you have the right coverage is to review a copy of your current coverage.  Click to upload a copy of your personal or commercial insurance policy for review today. Take a photo or upload a file and a licensed insurance broker will contact you to discuss how we can get the best insurance at the best price for you or your business.


Business Insurance

Click to Upload a copy of your business insurance policy to be reviewed.


Click to Upload a copy of your personal insurance policy to be reviewed.